By jove!

Last Monday started out the same as every other Monday has lately, with my intention to “eat better”.

However this time I’d decided not to go all gung ho, cut out everything worth living for and then give up Monday night, instead I was going to ease into things with the simple goal of “eating less shit” this week.

Well I’m kind of surprised to announce that I did it!

I went from eating one packet of potato chips a day to consuming only one packet this week … (lol I did say baby steps remember) ..

My weight is down a SIGNIFICANT amount considering it’s only been 7 days BUT I did have tummy big Wed/Thur which meant although I didn’t do any training Thursday or Friday I also ate very little because I felt like shite so I’m guessing that over this next seven days I’ll get heavier because I’d still be somewhat dehydrated.

And if this mornings workout was anything to go by I’m far for firing on all cylinders yet ..

Going into week 2 I’m going to try to go 6 days without any refined sugar, which to be fair is probably easier than trying to give up potato chips. 😉

Till next time





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