100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 64 and an interruption to usual programming

It rained today …

I know, I know .. first world problems!

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (is their such a thing in real life?) to work out we obviously didn’t spend the day enjoying the sunshine next to the pool.

Instead after Mum (thats me) got her workout on and completed her 64 burpees (yeah I have no idea why I am talking in the third person) .. we went to the cinema to see Wreck it Ralph.

Incidentally it’s a great movie, I got a wee bit bored in the beginning but it held my attention and it got my heart strings at the end so if you’ve got a free rainy afternoon check it out.

Apparently it’s supposed to go back to blue skies tomorrow so hopefully it’s back down to the pool because sheeeesh after a movie for the family, popcorn for the kids and a donut for everyone to have with lunch (which we made at home) and you don’t have much change from a hundy .. lucky I haven’t been shopping lately huh? 😉

Anyhoo it’s Day 64, lets get our roman on ..

Till next time

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