Because I’m happy baby

P!nk attended a charity event with her husband and after photos were published online people started calling her fat.

First of all WTF?

It amazes me that there are people out there who think it’ ok to comment on someone else’s appearance and perhaps even more importantly look at that photo and think P!nk is fat?

If that’s what people define as fat, I’m pretty sure there are a tonne of women who are wanting to be fat right about now.

I follow P!nk’s husband on Instagram and he often posts pictures of “his girls” usually doing cool shit like riding, skateboarding or skiing and not once have I given a second thought about his wife’s current weight, in fact I’m usually thinking “holy heck that chick is cool, is there anything she can’t do?”

Even though I have some what of a girl crush, I still would have just rolled my eyes and passed on by to wait for the next “internet furore” until I saw P!nks Twitter post about how her daughter Willow had asked why her Mum felt squishy and her reply was “Because I’m happy baby”.

Now I’m sure P!nk is happy when she is leaner too, but I’m guessing that it’s something she does for her job AND its probably hard work (and not much fun) constantly watching what you eat and how much you move, so she’s taking time out to “just be” happy and one of the biggest things I came away with from my time at Crossfit, is the knowledge that life is about SO much more than what you look like, if you are happy with what your body can do.

So I guess it may seem a bit contradictory that after congratulating P!nk on her kick arse attitude to her appearance, I’m going to announce that yesterday I started on a 21 day eat less shit challenge but believe me this is much more about how I feel than how I look and right now I’m not happy with what my body can do, because I know from experience that when I eat better it can do so much more (and do it faster too) lol.

At some stage I will move into the 21 day eat NO shit challenge, but baby steps .. right? …

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