Train to live or live to train?

I read this cool blog post that Kat posted this morning while I waited for the doors of the gym to open – yeah I’d rather forgo some sleep to get a car park near the front door than walk a few hundred metres.

Anyway back to the the matter at hand, Kat’s blog post was in reply to an article she had read about the difference between an athlete and an exerciser. This concept isn’t new to me as I’ve switched between the two camps somewhat seamlessly at various points in my life.

Today I’d class myself as an “enthusiastic” exerciser (obviously,some days I’m more enthusiastic that others).

“An athlete builds the rest of his or her life around training and competition; an exerciser fits training in around the rest of his or her life.” (Greg Everett is the owner of Catalyst Athletics)

The only time I’ve ever willingly built my life around training was when I competed in bodybuilding. My food preparation, weight training and cardio came first – EVERYTHING else became secondary. These days although I wouldn’t go as far to say that everything else comes before my training, I do fit my training in around “everything else” – work, the kids, my husband and my Mum and Dad (eg my in home babysitters).

I now choose to fit my training around what I class as “the important stuff” which is why it’s pretty rare to see me at an actual training facility on either weekends or holidays. On those days, I settle for any type of movement that I can talk bribe my family into doing with me, be it walking, hula hooping, climbing stuff at the playground, playing chase, skateboarding, kicking a ball or as it turns out usually a combination of all of the above.

My “enthusiastic exerciser” title suits me best on the days where I don’t train at an actual fitness establishment and instead take the time to hang out with the kids. There isn’t anything quite like a good old playground WOD although it invariably ends in tears, tantrums or both. Although none of my little family are what you would class as athletes in the true sense of the word, it doesn’t mean that they are any less competitive .. 😉

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