But that’s a resolution ..

In 2013 I gave up on New Years Resolutions, instead I chose one word that would be my theme for the upcoming year. That very first year my one word was balance, the following year I chose gratitude and last year’s word was presence which is as simple as remembering “wherever you are, be all there”.

As the end of 2016 was drawing to a close and I looked back over the year it suddenly dawned on me – the things that I remembered most vividly were experiences – when I stood on the cliff top high above Te Henga to admire the view or the first time I reached the other side of Wainamu Lake and turned to look back at the dunes in the distance (oh and that time I ran around the Wainamu Loop and it was so flooded that I had to grab a stick to poke around and find my way across).

The clifftop – That flood – Breathtaking Bethells

My point is, at no time did I think about shit I’d purchased.

Which brings me to the R word – Resolution, because this year I actually have one, a big one.

In 2017 I will not buy myself any clothes (which I don’t think will that much of a problem) but wait, like a late night infomerical there is more …. shoes.

There I said it (and I may already be sweating).

This morning while I was out running on the trails between Piha and Karekare I was trying to figure out if this was actually something I could accomplish – no shoes? For an entire year? Considering I bought 8 pairs of shoes last year and 7 of those pairs were just for running, the no purchasing of shoes for an entire year is slightly disconcerting BUT considering the number of pairs I already own I’m pretty sure I can get through 365 days without needing another pair.


Instead of buying “stuff”, I’m going to spend my year “buying” life experiences, perhaps I’ll use that money on petrol to drive to new trails, or I’ll catch a ferry to explore the myriad of Islands in the Hauraki Gulf or perhaps I’ll do a race! I probably won’t sign up for a race (because well I’d have to share the trails) BUT the point is, that I could should I want too.

Upon searching “don’t buy clothes for a year” (which apparently is some kind of revolution – yet another R word) I found that some people gave themselves exceptions – for eg, they couldn’t buy anything new, but they could buy used items.  Others said no new clothes except for underwear and socks and one NZ blogger allowed herself to purchase items as long as she sold the items she already owned first and used that money.  I on the other hand plan to go cold turkey, after all it worked when I stopped smoking – sure I thought I was going to die but here I stand (in the figurative sense as I’m actually sitting down) over 10 years later still smoke free.

So, there you have it after three years of poo pooing resolutions, I’m back!

Till next time





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