Another first (in along time that is)

Today I found another thing that I can only get better at!

As you can probably tell from the photo, I am talking about bike riding.

Mum bought me this Sublime 2 (which is Sarah Ulmers brand) for my birthday when Issy was six months and I started training for the womens triathlons, as you can probably work out, I got pregnant not long after that so the bike has been waiting patiently for me to return to the saddle.

So, did a 6.77 k loop from my place, down Pooks Road and back via Waterstone and Hillwell. I think I spent the entire time on the easiest setting it has unless I was doing a downhill stretch.

There were two hills I had to walk up the one on Pooks Road, and the final stretch home *shame*

So apart from my bike ride, I did some step aerobics this morning when Elias went down. No abs today, will do some more of those tommorrow.

Oh and I remember what its like to feel hungry now, havent felt that since my competition days! lol Im not starving, just not used to feeling full all the time (or overfull in my case).

Weigh in tomorrow im hoping for a kg, but will be happy as long as its less than last week.

Till next time





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