No harm in being the tortoise ..

10th April 2010 - 64.2 kgs - 8 weeks till Aucklands

Another week, another kilo and looking back I’m exactly where I was the last two times I competed.  I have the same measurements, same fat percentage, but I’m carrying two kilos more muscle, however on the bummer side of things, my skin is also much looser after having the two kids in quick succession, so I’m not going to look anywhere near as tight as I usually do on stage .. but Jo will try and manipulate my diet near the end to fill me out a little.

So .. highs …

Lavinia is back from being AWOL, which is fantastic, because I missed her!  You don’t realise how much you enjoy having someone around, until they vanish.

Eye Candy was back in the gym last night .. bliss ..

Routine is done and dusted so I can just concentrate on remembering it and nailing my posing, those quarter turns are hard and Ive forgotten so much!

Lows? …

Cardio in the morning on your lonesome is a bore, the ipod helps, but I dont really like walking in the dark with music going in my ears as I cant hear whats coming up behind me.

Finding out I have to add in an extra three high intensity cardio sessions a week as Jo needs me to be at 3 kgs of fat two weeks prior to competition, so we can then try and fill me out … (can you tell I hate cardio with a passion) 😉

Otherwise, I’m like the tortoise .. trudging along towards the finish line …

Oh and on a purely personal note .. I’m moving!  Yeeha .. to cut a long story short, we found a house that has a “granny flat” .. so basically, babysitters on tap, I might even be able to train at the gym with my own eye candy of a husband!

Till next week xox

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