Operation Wedding

No, James and I are not renewing our vows operation wedding refers to my friend Emma’s big day (and I mean BIIIIG .. there must be about 10,000 guests) 😉


Emma is quite amused that she is the reason I am going to don two dresses in one year, the things I do for love! lol.

Anyway the wedding is in five weeks and I’ve decided that I’m not happy with how plump I have become so I’m using the wedding as a goal, I focus better with a tangible finish line.

I’ve prepared myself for success.  Stocked up the cupboards and freezer with Julia friendly food and I’ve got my secret weapon Miss Jo .. she will kick my arse into a smaller package in no time!

So tonight I shall indulge then tomorrow morning marks the return to Mr Keto and pounding the pavements at stupid oclock oh and of course Ludus, we can’t forget Ludus.

Five weeks .. gosh it feels too close!  I wonder if Emma is thinking the same thing 😉

Thankfully we have no plans this weekend, so I should be able to get myself into a semblance of a routine by the time Monday rolls around.   Well that’s the plan anyway lets see if I succeed. 🙂

Anyway I will leave you with a sneak peek at what is in store for Wednesday … he is a goodie!

Till next time



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