100 days 100 burpees – Day 17 its all about the view

Today I was ready for a big session .

It’s Yumi’s birthday dinner and I wanted to feel like I “earned” it, however the arena was packed and we all started at the same point on the board which means I spent a lot of time in search of gear .. or a dry spot on the flooor ..

I ended up doing most of the wod outside – it was drizzling but nothing major and it was better than nearly smacking some person trying to gorilla crawl around the arena in front of you (or getting smacked on the head, or jumped on, or bowled into) .. one of those days really.

Anyway I got through about 1/3 of the wod then called time. Since there were still people working out I decided for your viewing pleasure to do my burpees in the middle of the arena so you can watch the people behind me .. (and you gotta check out Gabes dance moves) 😉

Day 17 (with a special guest appearance near the end)

Till next time

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