100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 13 is my choice

Yesterday I explained that Sal is number one among the epic adventurers.

The number two spot is a contentious and it depends on who you ask but I’m older so I get seniority and that fact alone gives me the edge and I am number two – to find out who I nudge out you will have to check tomorrows blog post 😉

As number two today’s burpee is my choice and it was a toss up between a “Joe creation” and a “Phil creation” we haven’t done either in forever at Ludus – I guess we haven’t done “Phil’s creation” because we don’t have him there anymore ..

In the end I went with Joe’s only because I’m pretty unco at the “roly poly burpee” (which is the name I gave Phil’s creation – he probably called it the “Samurai Ninja Warrior Burpee” or something akin to that – although the way I perform it does not invoke the thought of samurais, ninjas OR warriors.

When I demonstrated the roly poly burpee to James I said “It’s not called the roly poly burpee, Phil had another name for it”

James replied with “Was it the clown burpee?” .. Enough said!

So here we go, my fav burpee ..

Till next time

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