It sucks less (eventually)

In the 3.5 months since I officially “graduated” crossfit and I have had our ups and downs and there have been times when I’ve thrown my hands in the air and thought “f**k this”.

The barbell and the box (the one you jump on top of) scared me, Coach Dave scared me and I couldn’t lift the weights that everyone else made look easy. I couldn’t work out any of the “crossfit stuff” like kipping and the sheer number of things I couldn’t do seemed overwhelming.

I’d avoid any actual WOD sessions that had strength components, I’d avoid sessions that involved running (and I may still be guilty of that) and in the beginning I even avoided sessions Coach Dave took unless I truly thought I could hold my own.

Then little by little I started chipping away at the mountain of things I “couldn’t do” and when I won the Paleo Challenge I was awarded with Coach G’s help and he set up my training regime which would prepare me for my first teams competition at the end of September.

My strength program revolves around Olympic lifts and in my structural balance sessions I get to use kettle bells and do pistols, one-armed handstands and other fun stuff. I’ve also learned the value of doing mobility – often!

I’m still scared of the barbell and the box. I still can’t kip and my double unders are still a work in progress (along with a myriad of other things) and most days I can’t keep up with everyone else or lift as much weight .. but you know what?  I’ve stopped “competing”.

You see I was comparing the beginning of my journey with other people’s middle so now I just compete against me.  I’ve even started loading the bar with more weight.  I’m lifting more than a beginner but slightly less than an intermediate because that’s probably my current level – an intermediate beginner and everyday I give the best I have on the day.

There are still days I throw my hands up in disgust and think “f**k it” but those days are getting further and further apart.  I’m getting stronger, more mobile and somewhat more proficient and as such I’m enjoying the randomness of crossfit more and feeling more confident in my abilities.

This week I’ve even had fun!  Who would have thought it 😉

I read something the other day that I thought summed up my crossfit journey perfectly …

I may not be able to do “great things” (yet) but if I concentrate on doing all the small things I can do perfectly then in time the great things will come.

Till next time

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