Life is a game, play it

One of my friends posted last week on Facebook that Pandas do on average 10 handstands a day – just for fun.

Upon further investigation it seems that that Pandas in fact do handstands so that they can spray urine up high – apparently the higher up you can pee the “cooler” the Panda you are, typical boys! Young pandas however do somersaults, roly polys and other such gymnastic endeavors just for the fun of it, old Pandas basically spend their days eating and sleeping which seems to be quite the human trait. 😉

Anyway now I guess I should explain why I am telling you “random” Panda trivia (other than it might come in handy if you do pub quizzes).

The part that struck a cord with me was that they did things “for fun”.  You know because they felt like it, not because they had to, or they were working on strengthening their weaknesses.  They did it just for the sheer pleasure it gave them.

My kids are the same, they don’t exercise because “they have too”, because “they are balancing out their calorie intake” or because “they need to be bigger, better or stronger” – they do it because for them it is fun.

We are all guilty of trying to  rush through our childhood so that we can be “grown up”, we want to learn how to drive, earn money, have our own car, not have a curfew, date boys/girls, and wear what we please (amongst other things), but as we age some of us need to search out that part of us who ran through life with reckless abandon, arms open, wide eyed and jaw gaping with complete and utter amazement of the world around us.

So this weekend I decided not to take things so seriously.  I got upside down, because I enjoy it. I fell down (repeatedly) and laughed, I jumped and squealed for joy when I managed to handstand walk just over a metre and I smiled .. a lot.

Remember people as Mae West so eloquently put it “you only live once, but if you do it right once is enough” go out and live the life you love so in turn you will love the life you live!

Till next time

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