Is now the “real deal”

Throughout the month of October, James and I have been participating in the weekend boot camps run by Kerry from the School of Hard Knox.

I thought his idea of making the boot camp free IF you turned up was genius! I mean you can’t turn your nose up at FREE training – especially when it also coincides with the last month of a transformation challenge that you hope to win.

He (Kerry) won’t know this but about a year ago when I signed up for the Ludus boot camp held at Silo Park (which Ludus don’t have anymore) Kerry’s SOHK group were also training down at Silo Park and I remember looking at them, thinking –

Whoah! I’m glad I’m not in that group! Look how much running they do! And they’re all so fast! That must be a boot camp for runners – def not for me ..

To be fair, I found out much later, that I had been watching their “running day” and they don’t in fact run everyday BUT still an entire running day? Yeah, that’s def not for me … 😉 It didn’t stop me from buying some gear though for no other reason that it looks cool. I mean, I own an All Blacks jersey and I’m not an All Black .. it’s same thing right?

I’m still totally NOT a runner and thankfully we haven’t had “a run day” yet. However, with three sessions still to go I’m obviously not out of the woods yet I’ll just have to plod over that bridge if we get to it. What I will say is that even though we do run more than I’d like too, I’m enjoying the change. Kerry puts up with my moaning and the people I’ve met are friendly, so this week I signed up for the “real deal” boot camp. I guess I’m now earning my gear. 😉

Although SOHK runs boot camps Monday through to Friday I’ve only signed up for two days, which incidentally are both indoor sessions at City Boxing.  Tuesday is Strength & Conditioning (which I thought would be more like a crossfit strength session, but is in fact more similar to a Ludus session) and Thursday’s focus is on boxing.

“Unfortunately” that means I’ll miss out on the run day, which is Wednesday .. but as to not to feel left out I ran today too.

OK, ok – I may have only run because I just couldn’t handle 45 minutes of AMRAPs this morning BUT I still ran ..

Till next time





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