It’s the final countdown

“Julz! You look tiny!”

I guess that means everything is going to plan …. 😉

When I signed up to do the Ludus Transformation Challenge 9 weeks ago I was pretty happy with my body and funnily enough nine weeks later although I’m probably at least a size smaller and I’m happy that I can fit into clothes that have been gathering dust for quite some time, I’m not “happier” with my body than I was before.

I mean quite frankly, If you don’t like yourself before losing weight, what makes you think that everything will suddenly be rosy when you do??

I was always open about entering the Ludus Transformation Challenge to win it and that mindset helped me to keep focused for the first half of the 10 week challenge. From that point as I didn’t think my results were good enough to get me to the top of the podium I’ve focused on what I want life to look like after this challenge. I went about establishing good habits that I could continue long after I didn’t have a challenge to win (and yes, that includes eating both M&M’s and dessert) 😉 As such while everyone else seems to be counting down to the day when they can tuck into some chocolate, I’m sitting over here eating it lololol

I’m thankful that this challenge has given me the time to finally sort out my shit (food wise) and gave me the incentive to give new training environments a go, which in turn allowed me to connect with old friends and meet new people.

I’d still (obviously) love to win it BUT even if I don’t I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far!

Till next time





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