To roar like heavy rain

On Saturday morning when James and I were out trail running (in the back of beyond) we passed a man who was out running with his dog, whilst wearing headphones. Which in my case was rather fortuitous as at the time I was singing rather sarcastically (and out of tune) at the top of my lungs about how overgrown root strewn paths were my fave …

I turned to James and said “I don’t know how that man runs along trails wearing headphones, I’d get such a fright if I couldn’t hear people coming towards me” to which James replied “I’d be surprised if he can hear his music over the noise of these cicadas!”

Which was very true. In fact the Cicadas have been deafening over the past few weeks but I guess as I’m among them almost daily I barely notice the din anymore. I guess it’s like living next to a train line, after awhile although you still hear the trains you no longer notice them.

James then said “Imagine how scared you’d be if you’d just turned up here and didn’t know what they were”…

True that!

When I asked him who wouldn’t know what a Cicada sounded like because I was pretty sure that they lived on every continent around the world except Antarctica he said “Aliens” and then went off on a spiel about how the aliens would land, get out of their spaceship and be all confused by the noise.

I’d say that would be the least of their confusion .. 😉

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