Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 12

Tomorrow is the midway point in the CrossfitHPU Dry July Paleo Challenge which means remeasures ..

Although I have a love/hate relationship with the scales I have been checking on my weight pretty regularly over the past two weeks just to keep track.

I had a goodbye to all grains weekend after my initial weigh in and before the “official challenge start date” so I dropped quite a bit of weight in the first week. (bye bye all that carby water retention goodness!) 

But since then it’s just been stable.  One day I’ll be down half a kilo and the next I’m up half a kilo, then the next day I’m down 200grams then I’m up 400 grams so yeah my love/hate relationship with the scales is in full effect.

BUT ..

You know how some days you just think “yeah I look good” (I guess it’s what people refer to as their skinny days) well I’ve been having more of those days lately regardless of what the scales have told me.

I’m also happier than I’ve even been on any other eating plan, my moods are stable (bar the fasting day – fasting is not good for a marriage) and I’m training well (bar the no lifting heavy shit part) so i guess this caveman thing could have something “to it”.

Anyway I’m interested to see what the calipers say tomorrow but I’m going to try and not let it affect my day if it’s not a drop.  I read somewhere that you should concentrate on what your body can do  and that looking good doing it will be a side effect.

If I’m not crying into my paleo soup tomorrow I’ll post up my progress and photos.

Till next time

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