Dry July Paleo Challenge – Midway check in

I mentioned yesterday that my weight hasn’t really budged but I was fitting into my shorts better so I was trying to put the “number” out of my head and remember that it was just that – a number.

Today I turned up for the midway check in with Coach G and as we headed towards the assessment room he said

“I think you’ll be happy with these results, you look like you’ve carved it up to me”

The calipers come out ..

Site 1 – Down 3mm
Site 2 – Down 2mm
Site 3 – Down 1mm
Site 4 – Down 1mm

7mm’s that’s good enough for a 2% drop in bodyfat which is right on track and what I was hoping for!

And the reason my shorts fit better? I’m down 2.5cm around the waist and 2cm in the hips ..

Just goes to show. Don’t let the scales dictate how you feel about yourself sometimes they know jack shit! 😉

Till next time

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