As the Backstreet Boys once sang bye bye byeeeeeeee

And do not return (although they didn’t sing that part, I just added it)

Today I said farewell to 3.2 kgs of fat and I’m probably even close to being light enough to jump for joy!

All in all Operation Top Secret is going well, I’m a little behind because I still need to lose 6.2 kgs in the 5 weeks I have left and at this rate I won’t make it, but I’ll be close and I think I’ll get close enough to be happy.

And honestly I’m happy with myself for knuckling down and working to a plan instead of just being half arsed about things. (Can I say arse?  I guess so .. its not TV and if I think about it I guess not many kids read my blog so I’m sure I can say arse) 😉

At least I’m not telling anybody to kiss it .. now that would be wrong!

Lets get back on track….

It’s Friday here in Kiwiland so to complete my week I have one more Ludus session to do (boyah!) then I will head over to watch my friend Donelle compete in the NABBA Nationals.  I’ve heard there are over 140 competitors signed up to do the Nationals, so its going to be a long day.

Hopefully not too long because James and I have tickets to the England v Scotland Rugby World Cup game this weekend and unfortunately as much as I love Donelle, James would kill me if we missed his homeland play, he even has his face paint ready.

And since I organised all my training ahead of schedule I have the entire day off on Sunday – how good is that!  So I’ll spend the day with the kids and hopefully even catch up with my BFF for coffee.

Speaking of my BFF she did two sessions with me at Ludus this week .. she did AMAZING!

Speaking of coffee I need one…  GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time


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3 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    Say arse all you want! 🙂 Go you. you are well on your way to success, keep jumping for joy.

  2. Trina says:

    Actually, once upon a time the Backstreet Boys DID sing “Bye Bye Bye”–during their final concert of one of their concerts in Las Vegas when they, dressed as clowns, mimicked nsync word for word, step for step. The entire concert arena died laughing—at least those not Booing for nsync! lol

  3. feminine fitness says:

    And I cant even blame being carb deprived for my error! 🙂

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