It doesn’t count otherwise

Although today isn’t an official run day and it was raining, I ran – not that rain usually puts me off running.   After all you’re going to get drenched in sweat anyway – but still.

I really had no choice,  I was supposed to run yesterday (which incidentally was a stunningly beautiful day) but I couldn’t ..

I didn’t have my Garmin.

(If I could insert one of those rolling eye emoji’s this part of the post would be the most appropriate place for it).

The funny thing was I realised I’d left my Garmin at home as I was driving to work and although I’d driven some distance I hadn’t quite reached the motorway so I actually considered turning around to get it, but the traffic was so bad that it would have been a bit of a mission to turn around.

I then spent the rest of the journey (while completely concentrating on the road) trying to talk myself into running anyway ..

“It’ll be so freeing Julia!  It’ll be like running naked .. but with clothes on”

(To be fair I couldn’t think of anything worse than running naked .. all that jiggling .. )

I guess you’ve already ascertained that I wasn’t very convincing – deciding instead to get the last of the Christmas Shopping done.

So today I had to run in the rain – don’t ever think that karma isn’t a bitch …

Till next time





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