Humpty Dumpty

It’s hump day and the title of this blog actually has no relevance at all to today’s post, it just had the word hump in it (yep pretty random but true) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of random …

I will answer some questions that have come in that don’t require an entire blog post, they are just more “curiosity” questions from readers.

Morning or night?

I prefer to do cardio in the morning and weight train after work, there are a couple of reasons for these preferences.

I like to do my morning cardio before I’ve eaten anything.
The weight bars are cold at stupid o’clock
I always feel stronger in the afternoon, probably because I’ve got food in my tummy
I figure my body won’t know I’m doing cardio till its too late in the morning .. my brain takes awhile to warm up ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Warrior Dash

Hmmm … I don’t really “do” sports.

At a guess I would continue to weight train just to look good.ย  I would do Ludus because it rocks and I would probably try out some adventure races (nothing like coast to coast though .. thats way out ofย  my league!)

I would really like to give the Warrior Dash a go, actually I must add that to my bucket list!






Mornings are a struggle!

LOL – I struggled on a full nights sleep before having kids, so now that I’ve got two kidlets and even less sleep ..ย  struggling out of bed is much more the norm than jumping up feeling invigorated.

I just set about five alarms and then talk to myself in my “Mummy tone” and kick myself out of bed.




So now I’ve shed some light on my lack of ability in sports or to get out of bed without some serious words to myself I will shed a ray of sunshine amongst all women folk!

James and I went to see the movie Red Riding Hood on the weekend (yes we see quite a few movies, my diet means that we can’t really do much else on date night).

Anyhoo my original Wolf Whistle recipient of the day was going to be the character Peter in the movie .. but when I was researching the “other member of the love triangle” Henry caught my eye .. so he comes up trumps today.


Max Irons deserves one big wolf whistle!

One interesting point .. he is the son of Jeremy Irons!ย  Anyway, he may not have caught my eye when I was watching the movie (which was awesome, you should all go see it!) but he won in the end. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Till next time

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    Awww he’s a cute little Wolf Whistle Wednesday.

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