Day 77 and its been awhile

This mornings WOD at Ludus was made up of three sets. You could select the set you wanted to start on between set one and two and you would finish on the final set

(I personally if given a choice between the three would have started with the one you had to finish on – it had 100 burpees, you know how I love burpees) 😉

Anyway I selected the bodyweight set, which was 5 exercises of 20 reps done 3 times through .. (so a basic 300). We kicked off late because we had a warm up set prior to this but it worked out that I had 25 minutes to get through the 300 before I had to leave.

I got through most of the set relatively easy until the box jumps – jumping is not my thing. One of my achillies doesn’t work like literally doesn’t work I can’t tip toe on the left leg so my jumping is shite.

The first time through I jumped on a relatively small box .. then I thought *Fuck harden up* so I set my sights on the big box (well the big box for me – not the tower sized one other people call the big box).

I had about 7 minutes to do them before I had to leave (they were the last exercise in my set) which was good I guess .. but I stood at the side of the box talking myself into it for about 2 minutes which only left 5!

BUT I did it – I even got a thumbs up from Anna she must have seen me battling my inner don’t want to go out of here in an ambulance like the dude the other day demons ..

It will all easy sailing from there .. RPM (with Blythe he is my fav spin instructor so far – I haven’t met everyone of them obviously lol) and then the burpees 77 of them.

Now I’m off to spend some time with the kidlets before I go and get my yogi on .. best part is that I get home in time for bedtime cuddles with the kidlets, my fav part of the day!

Till next time

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