I run, therefore I am?

So I’ve officially been a runner for three entire months now! Three! Who would have thought? Especially after that very first run. lol

This month I ran almost 100km, in fact if I’d known that I was going to fall only 4.3 short of a century I probably would have done a couple more of my Tuesday “optional” runs sessions.

Oh well next month’s schedule has 112 even without the optional runs, so I’ll make the 100 next month.

At the end of my first month as a runner I wrote about the five things I’d learned about running.  Two months later and number five still holds true;

I’ve been able to increase the distance I could run before I hit the “omg I have how much further?” point, but I wouldn’t in any way, shape or form say that running has become easier.

In fact some days I’m positive I’m getting worse and wonder whose stupid idea it was to sign up for a half marathon event ..

For instance, my six year old did the 5k Western Springs Park Run in 28 minutes and I followed up the rear (quite literally) another 7 minutes 25 seconds later!  Sure he was on a scooter and apparently his Dad pushed him up the hills, but still!  My 5k PB (of all time) is 29:55 some 4 years ago.

I often wonder whilst out on the road, if there will ever come a time when I’ll feel like a runner and not just someone who puts on a pair of shorts and goes out for a run because a little piece of paper tells me I have too.  I mean, considering I spend more time running a week than I do any other fitness type activity you’d think by now I’d feel some kind of affinity with it,

But nope, nothing ..

On a positive note these days, I wouldn’t say I hate running. I mean I wouldn’t go as so far to say that I enjoy it, but running and I have come to an uneasy truce –

I won’t publicly slag it off if it doesn’t kill me .. 😉

Till next time




Till next time

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