Elias was born in June 2009 and I started writing a blog not long after that, mostly using it as a weight loss journal.  When I started my goal was to do my first bodybuilding competition post kidlets before Elias turned 1 (which I did) while documenting the lead up.

So much has happened in the subsequent years and it’s kind of crazy to look back to see how much has changed (or in some instances has remained the same) ..

In 2010 apparently my biggest problem was that I was too skinny (lol, I haven’t had that problem in a LOOOOONG time). 😉

The following year I’d just signed up to do the Tough Girl & Guy challenge – which incidentally I said I’d never do again and to date I have not (and I am still adamant I will not), however these days running through mud is just an everyday occurrence anyway, because I’m running along trails in the middle of winter.

In 2012 I was appealing to you all to fork over your hard earned money (which incidentally you all did – thank you) as I was raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation by burpeeing along the waterfront dressed as a fairy.

A year after that I was in search of the perfect gym bag – I no longer have that problem because I don’t belong to a gym!

In 2014 I’d obviously started doing more yoga because I’d started getting philosophical, although I admit that I may have used the F word a tad too much in this particular blog post however some of it I can blame on Anna.

“That’s a good thing! The more you f**k up now, the less f**k ups you’ll have in the future. You have to make your way through all the f**k ups before you start not f**king up”

And finally this time last year I was participating in Junk Free June and it would seem I was so pissed off with the world that I couldn’t even bring myself to write a blog post – fair enough I still don’t do well when I deprive myself of shit I really want to eat. 😉

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