I guess it’s true

I mentioned on Friday that I have a goal to lose 5 kilos in the next 5 weeks.

When I walked into the house after work that day J said to me

“So 5 kilos?”
“Did you pluck that number out of thin air?”

And the answer is both a yes and a no.

5 kgs is a nice round number (and it was easier for my nutritionist to work out the figures) but more importantly it’s what I have put on since I got injured and stopped running.

Which is totally my bad I kept eating like I was running but not running .. but it’s winter and well who sees your abs in winter anyway 😉 BUT I want to hit my birthday with the excess gone, hence the reason for the mini challenge.

To facilitate this 1kg off per week I need to burn 600 calories per day which has been pretty easy thus far and I’ve even managed to run AND do stairs HOWEVER this morning I wake up and my eyes are red hot and nearly swollen shut.

Now what?? I put a cold flannel over my eyes in the hope the swelling would magically disappear while ideas flew through my head.

Walk? no it would take me too long to burn 600 calories, I don’t have that much time.
Run? I could at a push but my knees still pretty sore from yesterdays run.

Then lightbulb moment. Grabbed a hat, pulled it down over my face and went to Ludus ..

It’s true – I am a crazy spartan! (I do however have a doctors appointment, I only have so many hats)!

Till next time

PS – The girls and I made it onto the TV proudly exclaiming the virtues of “our boy”

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