Feet were made for walking

Until you decide to cross over to the darkside and become a crossfitter, then apparently hands are the new feet.

Not that my hands are very complacent – my Mum told me that I walked really early, I think when we cross checked my Plunket book (yes my Mum still has it and yes they had Plunket back in the stone age) with Issy’s she just beat me to the walking stage aged 10 months.

So maybe I used up all my early walking genes when I learned the first time around and the hands thing is going to take me forever in a day. Although Gareth (who is taking the gymnastics sessions while Kat is off in Israel) vowed that he would get everyone in the class walking at least 5 metres within two months.

I’m not sure why he would do that when he saw that I couldn’t even do a freestanding handstand .. maybe he should have promised that he would get most of the class handstand walking.

Actually come to think of it there were only about 4 in the class who could do a handstand at all .. Gareth must be very confident in his teaching abilities.

Speaking of Gareth ..

You know how I said that gymnastics was a “boys class” and how the biggest number of women had ever seen in a class was 3?

Well not now. He seems to be quite the fav among the female set! I do have to admit that the boy has great abs (he can do a handstand and that gravity thing works in a girls favor when it comes to shirts falling down and abs staring back at you).

Not that that is why I go to gymnastics .. honest 😉

Anyway it’s a love you and leave you post today because I’ve go to get ready for my first barbell club class at HPU.

Tonight its clean and jerks, snatch *giggle* and other such things that are beyond my capabilities but that’s what a skill class is for .. right?

Till next time

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