Man it’s dark!

I went into the office today, so I diligently packed my gym bag, packed my food, lay out my gym clothes and shoes last night before going to bed as the plan was to go to the gym before work. So I hauled my ass out of bed at 4.20 am, got dressed and headed to the gym for 4.45 am.

It bought memories flooding back .. I cant believe this used to get up this early and it wasnt because I had kids that needed milk lol.

Anyway I managed to get in 55 minutes of cardio before I had to stop to get ready for work, if you are thinking, why not 5 minutes longer? I always stop at 5.50 am as that gives me time to have a shower, get dressed and dry my hair before I have to get in the car and head to work (and I miss most of the traffic).

I’ve felt great all day, workout out in the morning really sets you up for the day, so if you dont already do something in the morning, you really should try it. If you are a Mum youre used to getting up early anyway!

After work I met the lovely Alex for a walk, and then I headed to the physio for my bi weekly cry session, the knee is definitely getting better though, im even managing to walk somewhat normally. Alex and I had a great talk about how this is a lifestyle change, no diets for us, you just doom yourself to failure if you say “I cant” all the time!

Right lets get the “technical” stuff out of the way Cals 1303 P112 C141 F38 *note* no wonder Im feeling good .. look at those carbs! Eek!

Till next time


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