On the seventh day

And on the seventh day she rests …  Welcome to Friday (well at least it is Friday here in my little corner of the world)!

After six mornings of Ludus, yep you read correctly SIX mornings I took a tip from Gods book and took the seventh day off to rest.  Although I do have to head to the gym after work to do shoulders and then do a session of cardio tonight, but it was nice to be able to lie in bed for an extra hour.  Unfortunately  my alarm went off at “Get up its Ludus time”, but a quick swat with the hand fixed that problem! 😉

Did I hear something? ..

Please let me assure you, your questions are not annoying .. quite the opposite in fact! I love to see what you are curious about and I will do my best to answer all of them as time and space allows.

The one I will tackle today is;

Prior to falling pregnant with Isabelle I was training (and training hard), I plateaued and no matter what I did I just couldn’t lose any weight and I was physically exhausted all the time.  My trainer Miss Jo (yep she has been with me forever!) asked if I could be pregnant .. and what do you know I was!

If James was telling the story he would then say I took straight to the couch for the entire nine months and ate cheezels, and he would be right. *blush*

So during pregnancy with Isabelle .. nope I didn’t do a thing … I did do some pregnancy yoga, but that was about it probably why I gained 30 kilos!


I will admit, I did enjoy being pregnant .. I make great humans!

When Isabelle was 8 weeks old, I started walking .. at about 12 weeks I started watching what I ate (although she was such a *horrible* baby, I had trouble getting time to eat anything).  Then when she was six months old I started training for the Contact Womens Triathlon, just something to get me motivated to help me lose weight.  I was jogging, biking and even went to swimming lessons .. three months later I found out I was pregnant with Elias .. back to the couch I went.

I kept more active during my pregnancy with Elias, but mostly because I already had Isabelle and didn’t have a choice .. but I didn’t do any real exercise.  Which is how I ended up with an excess 40 kgs, I hadnt lost much of the weight from the first time round *sigh*

Couch, TV, Junk Food .. that sums up my pregnancies!

And from there you probably all know my “story” .. I started on the lose the baby weight mission when Elias was four months old and the rest they say is history (including that 40 kilo excess) 🙂

So let me be your “word of warning” ladies … although its easy to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat for two .. the one that has to lose all those excess kilos, isn’t the one inside the tum! 🙂

Till next time




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