Decisions, decisions.

I was talking to Miss Jo last night about the upcoming competitions.  Of course we have Auckland on October 9th which is the show I’m counting down towards (16 more sleeps by the way).  A week later is the NABBA North Harbour show and I’ve been humming and harring about whether I will do that show as well, because it’s only a week later and I will be competition ready anyway (and I still get to partake in a burger post show and pancakes the next morning, before de carbing again).

Now, here is the tricky part.

The Australian Nationals are the following weekend.  I hadn’t even considered doing these because I’ve had enough for now and just want to chillax for the rest of the year.  But Jo casually said to me last night “why don’t you come to Australia and do their Nationals?”  She then went on to tell me which girls were planning on going and what was in store (meeting Phil Heath being one of the highlights) and now I’m in a huge quandary!

It probably would have been a flat out no except I realized yesterday that the end of October is exactly one year since I started on this weight loss journey so it would be an awesome way to celebrate my anniversary and Miss Jo’s 50th is not long after the trip so she is planning on some revelry after the show … another thing not to be missed.

Argh .. I just don’t know .. what do you guys think?

Oh and training and food yesterday were good and clean and I did my two lots of cardio like a good girl lol.

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  1. Alex says:

    You go girl!

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