The “starting” point

Well it had to be done really .. this is how I managed to keep on track when I was dieting for competition, so im pulling out all the old tricks.

I  organised myself (and house) to ensure that I get some exercise in (its hard with two kids to organise) – I got all my gym equipment from Mum and set up my gym, I downloaded some choreography and found my aerobics cds (I think I will start out with 128bpm lol) AND I pulled out the jeans I plan to wear to the BDO to show me what all this work is for.

I also pulled out the camera …

This is me today

I’ll use yesterdays weight of 83.4 as I doubt there would have been a huge change in one day.

BTW – I can hardly walk after last nights “run”, I did manage an afternoon walk, but I made James push the pram!

Till next time


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