Since you asked

The question posed this month by Fitness Blogworld has had me pondering for some time.

And honestly my answer can change from day to day depending on whether I am off season, on season, contest dieting, feeling fat, feeling good, have pms, you know the usual “girl stuff” 😉

However that question does remind me of a conversation I had with James one night when we were out doing my final cardio session of the day (which means that I was prepping for a contest at the time) that was a long the same lines as the original question so I’ll just relay it.

James – “Would you let Isabelle compete”

Me – “No”

James – “Why?”

Me – “Cause it f**ks with your head it skews your perception of “normal”

Well then that was simple and to the point … 😉

For those of you in internet land who are not my daughter and want to compete “Aunty Julia” has the following words of wisdom to share, then you can make up your own mind.

It’s not as easy as it looks ..

Bodybuilding is the only sport where you ask your body to do more on less fuel WHILE still getting on with your daily life.

Work, kids, partners .. if this sport was easy than everyone would do it!

You may also want to plant one of these …

Say good bye to money and buckets full of it.

Eating normally is expensive, eating cleanly more so! Add to that a trainer, supplements (the minimum you could get away with is protein powder), bikini, shoes, music, contest fee, membership fee, gym fees, make up, hair, travel and accommodation.

Obviously some things you can do on the “cheap” but either way that is a lot of disposable income that is no longer at your disposal.

If your still sold on the idea ..   surround yourself with a support network because ..

My most important piece of advice is find a trainer who is EXPERIENCED in bodybuilding, after all if you wanted to learn French Cuisine you would find a French cooking school you would not do a class that teaches you how to make sushi.

If you are on a budget try online personal training options however you will need to see someone in person to teach you how to pose.  Don’t let all your hard work will be totally wasted by not learning how to show off what you have built!

And finally, this sign may come in handy ..

With all that said I still think its a fantastic sport that has given me some of my oldest and dearest friends and it has made me into the woman I am today.

I still struggle with the off season hump, but I’m human and obviously a work in progress 😉

Till next time

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  1. TracyH says:

    Ha! I need that sign for my hubby!!! Hmmm maybe several posted around the house?!!

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