Tough Mudder Sydney 2012

“It is harder to finish as a team than it is to finish”

A team of hardy Ludians flew across the Tasman Sea to Sydney, Australia to take on Tough Mudder the so called “Toughest Event on the Planet”

I had glanced briefly at the course map because if I knew what was involved I would have signed up as one of the support crew, not the mudder team. I figured once I was on the course I’d have no choice but to do it, although there were a couple of times it was touch and go ..

We had 18 official players in “Team Ludus” – 15 mudders and 3 support crew.

We later found a couple of “imposters” as Anna called them when she chased them through the forest with a stick (it’s a long story – but it was funny as f**k at the time).

Our race was to begin at 9.30 am and the Tough Mudder website proclaimed the the “average mudder” generally completed the course in around 3 hours. The general consensus in team Ludus that it would take us somewhere between 3 and 4 hours because our motto for the race was

“NO ONE gets left behind.¬† We start as a team, we finish as a team.”

We jumped over the six foot wall to get to the start line – yes, you read that correctly a six foot wall stood between you and starting.¬† I guess Tough Mudder officials figure if you can’t get over the wall you aren’t really tough enough to do the course in the first place.

There was the obligatory safety talk and instructions on what do do if someone gets injured and needs a medic which was to assume this position¬† ….

And just before the starting gun we recited the Tough Mudder Pledge .. and believe me everyone takes that pledge seriously.

So pledge done, team talk done, starting gun …


Here we go …

Till next time (yes you have to come back for the “actual course” description, but at least this post shows I survived, but did I finish the course … ? )

PS – Be warned, there were tears involved!

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