The Platform 9 3/4 k

The Platform 9 3/4k is the Hogwarts Running Club’s sixth event of the year.

James – Why such a random number?
Me – Are you serious?

If you also missed that part in the Harry Potter series, Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station is where all the children catch the Hogwarts Express.   Which is also why the front of the medal looks like a steam train.  One thing’s for sure, The Hogwarts Running Club sure do put some thought into their medal designs.

Me – Want to come run with me?
James – Sure, how far?
Me – 9.75 km
James – Why such a random number?
Me – #eyeroll

We went to Long Bay Regional Park as James has been keen to see more of the country and the views from the coastal track are quite simply stunning!

It’s definitely a hillier trail than I’d usually select for a “medal run” but I had James with me and he still knows what it means when I reach out for his hand ..

It’s like using poles but way better. 😉

As I’ve run the Long Bay Coastal Track numerous times, I knew that to make up the distance we would need to park near the road and run the driveway or beach.  In the end we ran up the driveway and through the Vaughan Flats to reach the Nature Trail which eventually linked up to the Coastal Trail which we followed all the way to it’s end (at the Okura River).

On the return journey we took a side loop along the 100 acre track (which I’d never ventured along before – PS it’s uber muddy so I’m not in a huge hurry to do it again).

I’d planned on running back to the car along the beach but we clocked up 10.8km at the Vaughan Stream, so I stopped my Garmin and I walked back through the white wash – which to be fair is always my favorite part of running at Long Bay.

If I had been wearing shorts I would have gone for a swim! James on the other hand ..

If you didn’t know better, you’d never think he used to spend hours on end surfing throughout the Cornish winters!

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