Train like a spartan!

I saw my friend Brooke post something on her Facebook wall about Ludus Magnus training, so I figured I would take a look into it, after all Brooke has a rocking physique!

So, I did some research and it seemed to be a bootcamp/crossfit type of training.  I thought to myself “Right, I must give that a go some day”

I’ve been trying to meet up with Brooke so that she could “hold my hand” during my first session, but we have never been able to firm up a time and then she got injured, so with some words of encouragement from Brooke I bit the bullet and went alone.

I arrived at 6am to a warehouse in Newton where they hold the Ludus Magnus sessions.  I must admit, I was apprehensive, especially when I saw all these really fit looking people getting out of their cars!


The minds behind Ludus Magnus

I went and found Joe who runs Ludus Magnus and he showed me around, it’s the kind of place I envisage Rocky training in, minus the boxing ring.   Pretty basic, but with everything you need to “train like a spartan”, huge tyres (which you flip), huge boxes (that apparently one day I will be able to jump up onto), metal bars hanging from the roof (that you do pull-ups on) and big sledgehammers (that you beat the shit out of tyres with).  Pretty hardcore huh? 😉


Rocky would have felt right at home at Ludus Magnus

With a quick inside warm up we headed outside and ran.  Yep, the thing I hate most in the world and to top it off, Ludus Magnus is at the bottom of a hill, so it involved running up that stupid hill and this was only the warm up.  I was really worried at this point in time.

We then headed back indoors and this was when the real fun began.  We split up into groups and did a circuit of different exercises.   I hated enjoyed them all, one of my favorite exercises was the bungy run, which is where you put on a harness and attach yourself to a giant bungy cord that is attached to the floor and try and crawl forward when you reach your limit, you crawl back without being thrown through the air.  I managed to get three lines from the wall .. I will reach that wall one day!

I told you Rocky would feel at home .. he does the advanced bungy run!

Also, I think Ive found the place that is going to help me reach my goal of doing 11 wide grip pullups.   They have a dedicated pull up area, which allows you to progress through the stages.  This morning I did about six sets of pullups alternating with pushups.  So you would do 10 pullups, then 10 pushups with no rest for 4 minutes  (I told you it was hardcore).  The first set I did 8 then jumped up .. then the next sets I did as many as I could, then slipped a knee through a rubber band to help assist me get out the rest of the reps.  I think I’m going to reach 11 sooner than I thought I would.


Brooke doing pullups, the rubber band really helps!

Although its hard work and I cried sweat, it’s actually REALLY FUN!  They can also tailor the exercises to meet your ability, which is awesome and it means that anyone can do it.  This morning in our group we had varying ages, sizes and athletic abilities and Joe encourages everyone.

The Ludus Magnus motto is

And this morning, even though I was “the new girl”, I felt like I did belong!

The team at Ludus Magnus hold sessions seven days a week so no excuses .. go and give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Till next time

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  1. Jen says:

    Great to hear you’ve joined Les Mills. I LOVE it, and am sure you will too.

  2. Donloree says:

    Ok, now I HAVE to come to visit! 😉 I want to train like Rocky too!!! 🙂

  3. Sounds awesome. Just plain awesome. You’re an animal – and i love it.

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