Unrealistic expectations?

As a general rule I’m an optimist.

All through out my life I’ve had an unshakeable faith that things would just work out.

When I bought my dream home we had three days to sell our house before the deal would fall through, we sold and went unconditional one day before losing it.

I fell in love with a man I’d never met who lived on the other side of the world, he is now my (mostly patient) husband and the father of my children.

And then there was the time I got made redundant from a job I loved and was never going to leave. I had no idea how I was going to support my family and I had never been so worried, but I ended up in my current job – which I love even more which allows me to enjoy the work/life balance that most people can only dream of.

Somehow things ALWAYS just fall into place .. sure I ask the Big G to help out but I guess that’s where the word “faith” comes into play.

This week has been no different – yes I’m injured – no I haven’t pulled out of this weekends competition.  I have spoken to my partner and we’ve discussed looking for a replacement “me” (just in case) but I haven’t been kicked to the curb yet.

Yesterday I was hopeful, I made it through the WOD near the top of the table even though it had box jumps (I stepped up) because I was strong on the other two disciplines which made up for being slow on the “jumps”.

Today I took a knock to my confidence even though the WOD was big numbers (which I tend to hate) I didn’t think there was anything in it that I couldn’t do ..

Until I jumped on the burpee .. #fml

James and I talked about it earlier when I was sulking in the bath tub lamenting about how I must be the only person on the planet who injures themselves skipping!   He came out with “the usual”;

  1. It’s only a competition, there will be others
  2. You want to be training for many more years, you need to look after your body
  3. Don’t cry ….

I’m not quite willing to admit defeat yet.  I’ll leave it till tomorrow, if I can get through endurance I’ll be in much better spirits.  If not then I’ll need to fess up and help find Jerome a new partner.

I’ve literally shed tears at the thought of not being able to compete, not only have I trained for this but my partner is a machine and this is the probably the only opportunity I’ll have to partner up with him.

He’s going to leave me behind in his dust next year .. the RX ranks are calling his name!

Till next time

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