Smash, stretch, pray, repeat

Saturday was the CrossfitHPU and Crossfit Quattro birthday games.

Both boxes were celebrating turning two and crossfitters seem to celebrate by death by wod and eating sausages (gluten free) off the bbq without bread ..

I was signed up to do the games and arrived at the gym early because I wanted to see the Americas Cup race.

I started with mobility and then did a quick rowing warm up because WOD1 had a run (but you could row instead of run) and I wanted to see if I could row 500 faster than I could run it (FYI – I can).

Then I headed to the box to drop of my gear before heading into reception to watch the race with all the other early birders.  I had a few minutes to spare so since WOD1 started with skipping I thought I’d practice my high knees (since I don’t usually skip that way and I haven’t skipped in ages because I’ve been having achilles trouble).

Skip, skip, skip, skip *I’m thinking – hmmm I doing ok at this* skip, skip, calf tightens into a ball. #fml

I stopped, stretched, stretched some more and then stretched again.  I jogged a bit, stretched some more, rolled on an olympic bar ….

Stretched, rolled on a hockey ball, stretched but still couldn’t rise up on toes so I told Coach G I had to pull out.

Like I said earlier #FML

BUT the following weekend was more important so my plan was to sit and watch the games while smashing my calf with an olympic bar or any other implement that I could find 😉

The games were awesome to watch though, loads of new people competing for the first time (some fresh from induction), people stepping up and competing at a higher level than usual and then there were the Coaches in the RX divisions to oooo and aaaaah over.

Yesterday when I woke up  I thought my calf was slightly better than the day before and I spent the entire day either rolling, stretching, massaging, icing or heating. I’ve never been so diligent – that’s how bad I need it to get better before Saturday’s 2toTango event and I *think* today its slightly better than yesterday.

Argh .. it’s like Saturday mornings yacht race – it’s a race against the clock!

Till next time

PS – If you would like to see some footage of the Birthday Games I posted some videos on my instagram.

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