Every day we write a page in a 365 page book and today I get to write the first page for 2014 ..

Which is apt really because I actually purchased a book (of sorts) in preparation for this day once I finally settled on my one word for the year.

It’s a big decision selecting a singular word that will be your compass for the coming year, after all it’s the one word designed to give you clarity and enable you to live the future you have envisaged for yourself.

A quick look at the one word website and you will see words such as “focus”, “discipline” and diligence, words that somewhat demand that you knuckle down and forge ahead. Then you have words such as “balance” (my word for 2013), “simplify” and “flow” which by nature ask that you slow down, take stock and listen to your inner voice.

Last year although my word one word (balance) overflowed into other areas of my life it was something I worked on alone, this year however the one word I have chosen is something that I not only want to practice in my own life it’s something I want to cultivate in my home so that it’s customary for the kidlets.

My one word for 2014 is;

Who amongst us can honestly say that they haven’t wished they were *insert number* kilos lighter (or heavier), taller (or shorter) and if you are a female prettier, better dressed and married to Channing or SBW.  😉

I have decided that I will live in gratitude ..

Gratitude makes what you have enough – The Greek philosopher, Epicurus wrote “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not, remember what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Which brings me to Day 1 of my #365days;

Once upon a time I dreamed of being a Mum now that dream is my reality.  I am truly grateful to have been blessed with these two healthy, (usually) happy and loving little people to share my life with.

I understand just how lucky I am to have them.  I have watched friends and family struggle with infertility issues, I have grieved with others who have lost children, some before the child has even entered the world, to a parent it makes no difference the pain is still overwhelming.

Each day when I feel a little hand reach for mine I remember that I am one of the lucky ones.

I will however admit that it’s much easier to feel blessed now that they sleep through the entire night, I didn’t feel so blessed in the early days!

Why don’t you take a minute and ask yourself “what am I grateful for today?”  ..

Till next time




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