Weekend Warrior

Weekends are hard work!

Most people think, “ahhh the weekend, time to relax”, well those people obviously don’t have two demanding toddlers.  Actually come to think of it, two demanding toddlers wouldn’t be so bad, if I could just get them to demand the same thing at the same time 😉

I recall the time before I had the two kidlets, if I was tired from training, I rested, now its go go go and then go some more, I can see why parents get so old so quickly!

They can be great for training though.  Elias likes to be a plane, which involves holding him horizontally (think superman) and running around the house, while he laughs his curly locked head off.  That boy really is going to break some hearts when he is older with his winning smile and curly locks!

Isabelle tends to be more useful for weight training, because she has an aversion to standing on her feet, she seems to think that the ground is boring and the world is far more exciting if she gets to see it from a Mummy perspective .. of course for her to see things from my point of view, she needs to be up at my eye level, which involves me carrying her, for long periods of time sigh

I can honestly say that there are times when I pine for Mondays and the relative peace of the office.

So …

18 more sleeps till show time!  Getting excitedly panicked now 🙂

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