What a difference a week makes!

I’ve got to say … I am amazed what changes can occur in seven days!  Even though my weight has remained stable (well actually its slightly up) my fatness has come down (well thats what the calipers say anyway lol).

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So apparently, eating cleanly and doing extra cardio gets pretty good results 😉


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Training yesterday was good … morning cardio was an hour long walk with Lavinia, then weight training after work was chest and abs.  I got a couple of the guys at the gym to spot me during my chest workout and they were “mean” and made me do more than I thought I could. 🙂

I didnt get my extra cardio session in after work because time ran away with me .. so I will try and get an extra session in over the weekend.

Right .. its the weekend, and Ive got Mummy duties … I better get to it!

Till next time xox

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