It's revolutionary! (Honest)

A friend bought this to my attention today …

The creators of the “latest revolutionary diet system” are using my image on their online advertising.

I thought it was funny and replied “Bahahaha a celebrity endorsement but without an actual celebrity”. It wasn’t till she asked “So is that your thing or did someone pay you to use your image?” that I thought I should clarify myself.

Firstly if I knew how to get that kind of transformation in three weeks .. I’d eat way more dessert than I do.

I’d also be able to squeeze my arse back into my shorts …

Secondly I didn’t sell the image and I wasn’t asked by anyone for my permission to use it.  In a nutshell they “stole” it off the web. It’s as simple as a right click of the mouse and selecting save image as.   I myself have been guilty on occasion of using images that were not mine on this blog for example the paleo flow chart in this case the image has it’s original source documented on it, however that is not always the case.

However I would like to think that everyone knows that those “revolutionary new diets” are complete poppy cock! I react to advertisements about the “latest diet or miracle pill” much the same way as I react when I’m told that my Great Uncle Morris Thompson has passed away and as the only living relative I’m entitled to the 20,000,000.00 he left in a Nigerian bank account.

I’d hereby suggest none of you move to Nigeria. A large number of my family has emigrated there and they have all died. If you are however still adamant about leaving our shores for a warmer climate try not to fly, because a large proportion of my great uncles have died in plane crashes.

I really shouldn’t make light of the matter because there are people in the world who believe such things, even Temuera Morrison admitted on his TV show that he believed he had been left 5,000,000.00 by a deceased family member. He was about to head to the Western Union to send the transfer fees required before being informed by a younger and wiser family member that it was a scam.

You see I’d hazard a guess and say that 99.999% of the advertisements that pop up in your facebook newsfeed (or side bar) with a celebrity endorsing “such and such a diet” are using the the celebrities name and image without their permission. Also most before and after photos are either stolen or/and have absolutely nothing to do with the product being advertised – eg the before and afters are real (like mine) but the transformation had nothing to do with “the latest dietary revolution”.

If it seems to good to be true … IT IS .. there are no exceptions to the rule!

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  1. Tracy H says:

    Theft maybe, But it also means your awesome enough to appear in fitness transformation add!! Go you!!

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