How do I deal?

As I have mentioned before, I “met” a group of fitness bloggers through Twitter and we have joined forces to become Fitness Blog World.  The idea is that every couple of weeks someone in the group will decide on a topic and we will all write about it from our own unique points of view.

The last topic was on how we keep ourselves motivated.  The topic that was decided on this time around is not something I have to deal with as often as many of the competitors that I know, but I do have to deal with “it” occasionally and the “it” would be …

I’m not sure if the reason I don’t seem to have as much of a problem with naysayers as other competitors is because I’ve done this sport for awhile and people have just “given up” saying anything, realising that it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to me what they think


I am surrounded by other people who compete, so they “get it”.  They understand the way you feel when you have a goal, the emotions you get when you see your hard work paying off, the buzz of the stage .. they just “get it” and cheer you on.

I guess its a little of both. The naysayers I get also come in two forms …

There are the people who say  something along the lines of  “You have 5 weeks left?, gosh good luck” with their raised eyebrows telling me they think there is no way in hell I can get my arse small enough in that space of time.


The people who look at me with worry and say “Gosh your so skinny, are you ok?  I really think you should eat more”.  That category is usually filled with extended family who don’t see me regularly and are shocked by the competition sized Julia.

Thankfully my Mum “deals” with concerned family and assures them I am fine and that I am not going to die, no one (that I know of) has ever died on a competition diet!

The people who think I can’t do something .. well they just spur me on to do even better 😉

So if you have to deal with naysayers, just remember .. its your life, people who comment are usually those that can’t get up there and do it themselves.  Never let them bring you down as “Mr Adidas says .. Impossible is Nothing”.

Before I sign off I just want to quickly share some things from yesterday with you all.  First off my first day of daily training with Miss Jo was as hard as I expected (we did shoulders), so that was good AND she said I could do the fun run!

She did mention that I may be too tired to do the event especially since its the first day of my carb deplete and water load, but she said yes … I was shocked.  I still have to see if I can find someone to watch the kids, but she said Yes!  Go Figure. 😉

Till next time



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  1. Becks says:

    Yay on being able to do the run.

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