Mini Retreat – Big Treat!

I saw a post on social media about a Mini Detox Retreat my friend Aleks was hosting on the weekend of my birthday

Need a reset?

6 hours, 6 people, detox yoga, juice, raw food. Let’s go!

Arrive bright and early at 7.30am with an empty stomach we’ll warm into a vinyasa twist class. We’ll then stop for green juice, delicious apple cider vinegar cleanser and chia pudding to start the day.

Then we will really unwind with restorative and yin yoga before finishing off with lunch, mostly raw, vegan and super tasty!

How could I say no!

And I’m SOOOO glad I didn’t just scroll on by ..

The space is just stunning, a tiny pocket of Bali in suburban Auckland.

Our morning yoga twist class was super invigorating and the yin/restorative yoga after lunch was simply scrumptious.

And OMG the food!!

I’m not much of a foodie so it was amazing to see someone whip up such beautiful fresh juices and food and OMG it was so scrumptious! I particularly loved the raw food “tacos” I could eat like that every single day, except I don’t have a dehydrator and I’m lazy lolol.

I also tasted my first ever Kombucha at lunchtime (crazy huh?!?) It’s one of those things that I’d always wanted to try, but it’s so damn expensive that I’d been put off buying it. I mean, what if I didn’t like it? What a waste of money that would have been. Aleks makes her own (and I could have drunk the entire bottle) so it’s probably 150 times better than the stuff you can buy at the shops but I was so taken with it that I’ve signed up for a Kombucha workshop ..

You see, that’s how these things seem to work. You go along to something like this and leave following figurative breadcrumbs to so many other complimentary activities.

I could never say enough good things about Aleks and her mini retreat and I highly recommend that you attend one. She’s got a number lined up over the next couple of months. I loved the yin and yang of a vigorous class followed by a slower one a little later on in the day, but if you just want to chillax I did see that there is a yin only option, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that will “float your boat”.

The full schedule can be found on Alek’s website

Oh and if you want to come and learn how to make Kobucha with me, you can find more info HERE.

Till next time





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