Where did you get those?


< — Hi, I’m Julia!

<— This is a photo of me.

<— And, this is pretty much how I dress when I move.

< — Something to keep my hair out of my eyes, a top with no sleeves, a spi belt to hold my phone, (not too short) shorts, my garmin, long socks and Nikes.

I was going to say this is how I dress when I train, but honestly even if I’m just going to the park with the kids I may still be dressed like this – granted I’ve probably just finished training and have been too lazy to get changed, but still … if you see me outside, there is a strong possibility that I’ll be dressed like this (give or take a few items).

The socks are the item that garner the most attention, in fact I remember turning up to the Orewa Half Marathon one year (I was doing the 10k) and a man walking passed smiled and said;

“Well you are definitely dressed to get noticed!  Check out those awesome socks!”

These days, in light of what happened to Jo Pert dressing to “be noticed”isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact I saw it listed as one way to keep safe whilst out running – dress in bright colors to be noticed.

I’m quite often asked “Where did you get those socks from?  I need a pair of those!”  So, if you’ve been wondering the same thing – you’ve come to the right blog post. 😉

The sock drawer!

I’d say at least 90% of my socks came from the same place – The American based online retailer Sock Dreams I’ve never had a problem with their service or the speed of delivery and if you join the mailing list you are notified when they are having a sale (which often includes free international delivery). I usually wait until a sale and purchase 3-4 pairs at a time.

After some trials (and a few rare errors) I stick to purchasing the following brands for no other reason than they aren’t too thick and they stay up when I run;

  1. Sock It To Me
  2. Foot Traffic
  3. Mod Socks
  4. K Bell

At about $15.00 NZD a pair (plus delivery) they aren’t cheap, but they are durable! In fact if you look at the middle row of my sock drawer on the far left, you’ll see the “Orewa socks” which I still wear three years later!

In fact I’m not the only person who wears them!   Lately, it seems that the sock drawer has become somewhat of a communal space!

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At least for now they can’t fit my shoes … 😉

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