“Got To Get Out is a social enterprise that is all about getting people outdoors, active, seeing the world and making new friends. We are a social enterprise, because this Icomes first for us, and we give away a huge number of completely free activities, to get the community into the outdoors.”

So when I saw they were offering a free half day mountain bike session at Woodhill I was all over it! All I had to do was turn up at my local Torpedo 7 store and they’d let me use a brand new bike, drive me to Woodhill AND pay my entry – honestly – they had me at free! 😉

As I already own an old school hard tail, I was keen to try out a dual suspension bike – I mean, they’re more than double the price of a hard tail so I wanted to see if they were worth the extra moola – unfortunately I was too short for the dual suspension bikes that they had been given by Torpedo 7 so I used a nice new hard tail insead (which I must say was super nice to ride). On a side note James did use a dual suspension bike and he said that they were worth the extra money – so I guess I’ll keep saving .. 😉

We rocked up to Torpedo 7 at Westgate and wandered around the store waiting for everyone to arrive (you also get a discount code to use on your purchases, should you wish to pick up anything for your day in the forest – yet another bonus!).  There were 19 of us in total (not including the guides) and after the obligatory  circle of  names, we headed up to the forest in the Got to Get Out There “Adventure Bus” (I don’t actually know if they refer to it as the “Adventure Bus” but they should … )

Once we had arrived out area had been set out for us and we got given our bikes.  We then had a run down on how to not die use them and we set off for a quick loop around L Plates, which is the shortest learners loop, before heading off onto the Family Loop.

I’ve done the Family Loop quite a few times, because – well – I have a family and theyre usually with me lol.  I did however find it quite hard with so many people, so I hung back to give myself some room.  After that the majority of the group headed up the hill to try another loop.  One of the true beginners was staying behind on the Family Loop so I decided to stay too – mostly because I really didn’t want to cycle up the hill lololol (oh and hate downhills.. my bike NEVER goes where my eyes go so I seem to end up crashing into trees *sigh*)

I however liked having the Family Loop “to myself” I was able to go at my own speed and have a play on my *new* bike – which I really liked, even if it was the most boring colour of all time – it was definately a case of substance over style.   I do however plan to upgrade to a dual suspension – one day ..

All in all – we had a fabulous time and if you ever get a chance to try out a Got To Get Out There event, you should!   You don’t even have to like mountain biking as they run hiking trips, paddle boarding events, camping talks – heck they even went to Everest so there is definately something for everyone!  

To find out more info on their upcoming events check HERE.

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