I’m an open book

A few weeks back after I #fitnominated my friend Amit (to do 22 (consecutive) double unders), he then nominated me on Facebook to share five “fun” facts.

As you can see I told him “I’d get onto this” ..

And then I promptly forgot. Well no, that’s not exactly true, I have remembered a couple of times but usually in times when it’s not so opportune to sit down and think of five things that the entire world doesn’t know about me already.

So since the Open has finished and I’m not caught up in thinking about what the next WOD is going to be I figured I’d better get onto this.

I guess it’s only fair since he finished his #fitnomination.

1. My hair is naturally curly (and now greying)

I’ve been chemically straightening my hair for about 10 years now. I’d never go back, straight hair is soooo much easier! It’s totally wash and wear! And as an added bonus when James runs his hands through my hair, his hand doesn’t get stuck. 😉


2.  I broke my achilles (twice) when I was 12

The first time I was playing badminton in a regional junior event in Palmerston North  and the second time was the day after I came out of cast from the first incident and I went down some steps taking all my weight on the still obviously injured leg.  All up I spent approx 6 months in cast and I ended up being home schooled for most of my first year of High School.

Since then I have been unable to tip toe on that leg which is why my calf muscles are different shapes (one doesn’t work).  My singular calf is also the reason I find it so hard to double under, basically I’m skipping on one leg!  #hardcore

3. I was a smoker

30+ cigarettes a day for 10+ years, then one day I gave up cold turkey. On day one I was cold, jittery and could barely sip water. By day two I was fine and two weeks after giving up I was at a wedding (drinking far too much) and still didn’t have a cigarette #proud.   It’s been just over 8 years since I last had a cigarette but I continued drinking (socially) until I fell pregnant with Isabelle.

Now I drink moderately very occasionally.  If it’s every “your shout” I’ll take a cider please. 😉

4. I’m the marrying type

James is my second (and much younger than I) husband, our 7th wedding anniversary is in July 28th.  We got married on the anniversary of the day we met.

I was married to my first (only slightly younger) husband for 10 years.   Both of men I married are English, the first hailed from Manchester and James is from Cornwall, I guess I have a thing for white boys from Britain.

5.  Never ever ever

I do not and never will watch horror movies (or Les Miserable) which is basically a singing story of horror and misery ..

Till next time




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