I should wear my glasses

I’d look much more “scientist” like in my glasses!

However sans glasses this morning I started out on my month long evaluation into what is required to “be the perfect gym bag” and if I have any that fit the bill and if not the fun part begins ..

Where for art thou perfect gym bag (my credit card is cringing already).

The first sample for this month long experiment is my Billabong Medium Sized Duffel Bag purchased from North Beach at the Domestic Arrivals terminal way back in April 2011.

I bought this when I arrived back in Auckland from winning the NABBA/WFF Masters Figure title in Christchurch (I think I told J it was a “reward” purchase when he queried why I had yet ANOTHER gym bag).

Anyway even though its a couple of years old now it’s in perfect nick (probably because I have as many bags as I do shoes) 😉  It’s a thick canvas and has thick leather like straps the only thing I’ve noticed is that the zips could be more ‘industrial” I wouldn’t pack this bag solid just in case I popped a zip.

I noted yesterday I could probably fit my cleats into it and this morning I had no problem throwing them on top of what was packed in the bag.  It also fits in the gym lockers but you do have to tip it onto its side (oh and my perfume bottle didn’t fall out like I thought it may).

After this mornings workout (which happened to be a spin class) – gotta say I need to do more than one spin session a week.  The entire time I just wanted the floor to swallow me up!  I must rejig my workout schedule and find some space to fit another class in.

Anyway after my workout everything I needed was easy to access and I had ample room to pack my wet bag, gym shoes (that I wore to the gym) and my hoodie.  I wouldn’t have fit my puffer vest in (which I also wore to the gym) but I usually wear that to work anyway so I won’t use that as a negative point.

You can see I even threw my cleats back into the bag for the “long journey” back to the car which was exactly 113 steps from the door lol, but it is uphill 😉

It was pretty comfortable to carry even though its quite wide but you do have to kind of carry it in front of you when you go through the changing room (so you don’t knock over naked people) and on the stairwell if someone is coming the other way.

One big positive ..

It fits perfectly in the space I have “allocated” for a gym bag in my boot. I’ve got to say I can’t remember why I don’t use this bag regularly because today it worked a treat. I’ll give it a few more days and see how it pans out.

Till next time

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