WOD1 – The run

My newly named team WOD UP is entered into the Intermediate/Scaled Division of the CrossfitHPU Playoffs on Saturday May 3rd.

I went over WOD 3 (The worm) in my last blog post and today I’ll go back to the beginning and explain WOD1

WOD 1 is “The Run”

Time trial (8 minute time cap)
15 syncronised burpees
01 kilometre run

Yep run … #sigh

And what’s worse is that I can’t even complain because I knew the first WOD was a 1k time trial AND still said I’d join team WOD UP.  To be fair, they had to be pretty stuck for team members if they took me on board, every single person at HPU knows that Julz “can’t run” but Tanz assured me with her quizzical “you have two legs don’t you?” that as long as I tried to run fast, even if it wasn’t actually “fast” by normal human standards that they’d be sweet with that.

On a positive note the play-offs have given me a reason to run.  I’ve tried starting to run regularly (well regularly as in once a week) but since I a) suck at running b) suck at running and c) suck at running, I tend to go out for a run, remember just how much I suck at running and then promptly talk myself out of running ever again unless I forget to check what the WOD is online before turning up to CrossfitHPU to find a running WOD is on the agenda.

I’ve been running for a few weeks now – nothing hardcore, 1 run/walk session, 1 shorter distance but faster pace run and 1 slower “long distance” run (which for me is about 3-5k’s).  Yesterday I thought I’d actually try a 1k t/t and since I’m on holiday and Victoria Park (the venue for WOD1) is miles away from where I live James and I went down to local stadium so we could run on the track.

My goal for the day is  – 1k in 6 minutes ..

I’ve got to say 1k is a horrible distance to run!  It’s too long for me to actually run fast but too short to get into a nice rhythm like you do in a 5-10k run, it takes me the first kilometre to get into a rhythm.  Thankfully the rest of my team can actually run – fast!

The scoring was listed as; the fastest and slowest time.  Which meant that we could send out our fastest runner (Ollie the Whippet) and then I could have asked someone to stay with me as a pacer (as I’m the slowest) but I’ve heard that they’ve changed the scoring and that every team members time will be added together.  Therefore everyone has to run as fast as possible, which in fairness is good for our team (as they are all fast and will make up for my not so fastness) but it also means I’ll be alone.  Well not totally alone, I’ll have Mr Garmin. 😉

Should you wish to come and run along and cheer for me, feel free to come down to Victoria park next weekend .. I’d love to see you (especially if you know how to perform CPR, I may need it).

Our heat (7) starts at 7.20 am, lucky I’m an early bird! 😉

Till next time





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