WOD3 – The worm

My yet unnamed, but any suggestions will be gratefully accepted and duly considered team is entered into the Intermediate/Scaled Division of the CrossfitHPU Playoffs on Saturday May 3rd.

So far CrossfitHPU have released 3 WOD’s and today I’m going to jump past the first two and discuss the third (I’ll come back to the other two in later blog posts).

WOD 3 is “The Worm”

2 rounds (10 minute time cap)
20 squats with worm
20 burpee worm hops

Wondering what a worm is?

Well, this particular one is an innocuous enough looking apparatus.  Just few small(ish) logs attached together with a piece of rope courtesy of Metal Athletics.

CrossfitHPU posted this following message on their facebook page “Tuesday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks at 5.30pm, will be a Team Training class, we will be running through the W.O.D’s for the PlayOffs. We will be setting up a competition environment where you will compete against other teams and also have judges.”

Clever huh? Combining the judges course with real life teams doing the actual competition wods so both the athletes AND the judges get to practice!  My team particularly wanted to practice “The Worm WOD” and we could get 5 out of the 6 athletes in one place on the Thursday so we arranged to meet up and I took James along as a fill in for Marlon who had work commitments.

Although we were only there to play with the worm another team went first so we ended up doing WOD1 to warm up.  Once we finished we had time to talk to the judges about the movement standards, chat amongst ourselves about strategy and watch the other team finish up on the worm.

Then we were up ..

(L-R, Ivan, George, James (filling in for Marlon), Tania, Me &  Ollie)

These were our first few worm squats, we got into a pretty good rhythm near the end. The logs are actually lighter than they look but my shoulders are still tender to the touch 24 hours later!

I actually think we (being the girls in the team) should wear something like this (minus the ball), although out of modesty I’d cover up my abs flab.

Seriously though, my team mates would look super cute, I wonder were you get those shoulder pads.

Till next time





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