You reap what you sow

In my last blog post I explained how I’m keen to give fastpacking a go –

We (James and I) would start out doing some “quick” over night excursions, to test the water and then take on some multi-night adventures – such as traversing the Old Ghost Road when we had some experience behind us. (James is also wants me to learn how to use a compass and a map before then – apparently (in his opinion) “that way” is not an actual direction.)

The kidlets have been very enthusiastic about this latest sporting endeavor although were quite confused when we bought a tent (because we already have one) and even more so about the size of it – while at the shop Isabelle’s exclaimed, “Mum, this is very a cool tent BUT I really don’t think all of us can fit in here … ”

Our new and tiny tent

When I explained that the new tent was small and light for when Mum and Dad were alone and going to run a long way and that we would use the bigger tent when we were all together they were both quite happy, except now they both want to go camping – stat! Remember how I said I hate camping?

First off I explained that when Mum and Dad “go camping” it’s just an empty field, there is no power (therefore no ipad or lights at night time) and if we were lucky the toilet might flush, but it was more likely to be a hole in the ground – “are you sure you want to go camping?” to which they both jumped up and down exclaiming that an empty field would be the coolest thing on earth .. (although Elias did hesitate slightly when he realised he couldn’t use an ipad).

Next I discussed it with James ..

Me – “Why don’t we just take them to an outback country site, they’ll hate it and we’ll never have to go again?”
James – “But then we would have to suffer .. and I’ll have to carry all their shite ”
Me – “True”

In the end I consented, but there was no way in hell we were getting one of those monstrous tents kitted out with bedroom furniture.

I selected three options and called a family meeting so that we could vote on where we would go on our upcoming family adventure.

The Farm – Atiu Creek Campground.
Pros – We would probably have the entire park to ourselves.
Cons – The kids would have to traverse 3.1km to the campground.

The Forest – Upper Mangatawhiri Campground (Hunua)
Pros – Car park at the camping area yet it’s still back country camping. There is also loads to do – mountain biking, hiking etc. It’s also cheap at $24.00 a night for the entire family.
Cons – I guess the fact that the Southern Motorway is usually shite is a major con.

The Beach – Schischka Campground (Wenderholm)
Pros – (For the kids) It’s a “modern” campground. (For James) We can park next to the tent. (For me) It’s near the beach.
Cons – (For me) It’s a “modern” large campground with lots of people.

After voting we were deadlocked – My baby (the smallest one) and I, voted for the forest and James and Issy opted for the beach, which I thought was really weird since Issy DETESTS sand with her entire being. When I asked Elias why he had chosen the forest and explained that there was a tiny section of forest at Wenderholm that we could visit and that he’d be able to decide on the next trip he happily relented (after checking that I’d be ok because the vote would then be all of them against me and he didn’t want me to be “alone” – gosh I love that boy and his big heart).

So there you have it – the girl that hates camping is going camping this weekend!

The things you’ll do for love. 😉

Till next time





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