One more sleep

I’m seeing Miss Jo tomorrow for my fat test. I’m pretty confident it’s gone down, I’m hopeful that it has gone down significantly. My goal is to be at 29.3% and I think I have worked hard enough to get there, so I would be lying if I don’t admit I will be really pissed off if I don’t make it – there will probably even be tears!

On another note, I’ve made a huge decision (life altering even!), so watch this space and all shall be revealed tomorrow after I have talked it through with Jo.

This week has been exciting, hard, scary and tiring, all combined. So far Ive weight trained every body part except abs, Ive done two runs and have done 20 minutes cardio after each weight session (including when I trained legs!), I’ve got swimming tomorrow, my final run of the week on Saturday morning and a bike ride on Sunday morning .. I’m a sucker for punishment!

Oh and the photo really doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss or training … although I was walking at the time, does that count?

Till next time





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