Decision Time

This months goal to get to 29.3% bodyfat was attained and to make things even better it puts my dream of getting back up on stage within reach!

So, I have approx 28 weeks (the dates arent finalised yet) to drop another 20 kgs of fat and shake my hopefully miniscule bootie on stage.

Im REALLY excited!

I will still do the triathlon in Jan and the swim leg of the triathlon in March as part of the “OB Mum team” but I will not do the final Auckland triathlon as I really need to concentrate on getting ready for this show.

Up till the triathlon in Jan my training will stay the same (four weight sessions, two swims, three runs and a bike ride). After the triathlon Jo thinks I will need to go onto a five day split with cardio sessions each morning.

Am not going to take any fat burners until my weight plateaus so that I have something to fall back on when the going gets tough (so to speak), however I have ordered some L-Carnitine to help transport the fat into the mitochondria so that it can be used more readily as fuel.

I’m feeling ready and focused, im not fooling myself though, I know its going to be really hard work, but I’m the kind of person who needs a goal to work towards (with mini goals to aim for on my way) and I can think of no greater motivator to keep you on track that knowing you are going to be standing on stage in front of hundreds of people in next to nothing!

Till next time





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